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Anyone can help me to get orders?


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Hi Folks,
I have joined fiverr about a month ago. I am not getting orders and not even buyers requests. Pleaee if anyone can help me to get orders? Or can give me work. I have following skills: wordpress development, designing and animation. Please help me to grow up.

Thanks & Best Regards

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You could maybe change the gig image(s) to more unique ones (eg. the main gig image, probably a stock image is also being used by another seller for their main gig image). Maybe show images/video of websites you could make.

Maybe change “I am here to help you with your quires” so “quires” is “queries”.
Also I’m not sure it needs to show “PLEASE CONTACT…” at the top and bottom of the page. Maybe just pick one of those.

Also check the BR page a few times a day and send offers if possible. Maybe create an additional gig.

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