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If I do the affiliate marketing of fiverr, will my gig of graphic design be of any benefit?


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Hello there and thank you for your question,

You are more than welcome to become a Fiverr affiliate, in addition to you being a Fiverr seller. The fact that you are a seller is great, as you probably know our platform very well and can highlight the benefits of the Fiverr platform for new customers who don’t know Fiverr yet!

Be aware though that your fiverr affiliate account would be seperated from your regular Fiverr account as we are using a seperate platform for the affiliate program. You can register to our program completly free right here: https://affiliates.fiverr.com/

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will i get 20% when i send a affiliate ling and my gig and my friend buy stuff from my gig so i will also make 80% ???


You can’t use this to game the system.

The idea is to bring in new, genuine business for Fiverr, not to do you a favour.

If you want affiliate commissions, work for them. If you want sales, work for them.

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