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How can you stop a fraud client on fiverr!

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Do anyone have an idea, how to stop a Fraud client! Especially when you are working on client-server and updating the codes directly to the client’s website.
Suddenly a Fraud client told me-- You did nothing and waste my time, please cancel the order and get back my money!
Unfortunately there I have updated 80% of the codes on the client’s server. But the fraud client cleverly took his money back by canceling the order. and took my heard working codes.

Who loses?
Frankly me and Fiverr both.

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You have the option to cancel or not cancel the order, maybe you did it as you knew ratings were more important than cancelled orders
but ,
Money is the most important, you, we and everyone here is for it
If he would have given you a bad rating, you could’ve replied to his rating by saying

This client is fraud
[and everything that has happened to you]

I feel sorry for you

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