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How can I get more and more buyer request? and sell my gig


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Hi buddy
You can’t do anything for this but there are some things you can follow.

  1. You have to create 7 gigs (I thing you are no level seller) but keep in mind when you create gigs you have create gig in every category LIKE WordPress Customization, Full website creation, Landing page. It’s depend on your service. If you have done all of this then you have a chance to get buyer request more. Because when the buyer post job in that category and if you have a gig on that category then it will shows on your buyer request section.
  2. And the most important thing is if you are no level seller then you won’t get much buyer request it’s an strategy on Fiverr. When you turn into Level One Seller you will get more buyer request.
  3. If you notice then you can figure out the time when Fiverr shows you the buyer request. So you have to figure out when the time then check every day that time not the exact time. Then you can see the buyer request.
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