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How I made $2500 on fiverr


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My enrollment in fiverr was done in 2016. It was the year when I started to deal with digital arts (photoshop, illustrator, after effects). I did not proceed any relevant studies, nor did I ever work with photoshop, but still had a relationship with graffiti-painting with traditional media only and not digitally. I have started from the beggining in photoshop, by learning the basics and later proceeding in exercising on after affects. In 2016 I have started observing the gigs and the services other sellers on fiverr were offering regarding photoshop. In 2016 I have earned around $120 by just knowing the basics of these programs. Nevertheless, in 2017 after having learned a lot of things through many tutorial videos and with daily engagement, I finally managed to make some progress on Fiverr, closing the year with a 220 profit. It seemed unbelievable that I was able to make money from what I have learned on my own through youtube videos. In the beginning it was quite fun even doing a project on fiverr that could take hours for just 5 . However, later I decided to stop working with this conditions because it ended up very hard. As long as I had my normal job, the hours that I dedicated to photoshop and after effects was part of my free time, which was very limited. When I reached a good professional level I made a decision not to spoil 2 hours for 5$, but to watch tutorial videos in order to learn more about these matters, so I will able to level up one day. Howerever, I could never imagine that it would come a day in which I would say no to job offers on Fiverr!

In 2018 everything changed! I decided to focus on one gig not very popular, but important for me because I knew I could do it professionally. So, I started working on digital graffiti, with which I was familiar for more than 15 years, and I combined graffiti on the walls with photosop and illustrator. It was a gig that I have created with passion and it helped me very much, by raising my average selling to $23. Finally, I have managed to close the year with $730 profits.
Now, although we are in still the middle of 2019, I have already managed to earn $1430.
What I want to say to everyone interested in working on fiverr is that if you work on it with passion and love, you can achieve whatever you want! However, if you just think “I will learn photoshop just to make money like him” do not do it. It will be a failure and a waste of time. Find something you really love and get in business. Undeniably, the time I have dedicated to digital arts are not obviously compensated with $2500.

Certainly, the time left from my normal job for fiverr is little, but in no way would I want to leave my job.
I used to send 10 buyer requests daily and in order to find customers. Now I am not sending any buyer request because customers find me when searching for graffiti
Three years now, it has not pass one single day that I did not work on a creative project or watch a tutorial video and learn something new.

So that’s my story 🙂

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Sounds like a great story!

I am about to complete my first year on Fiverr and, little by little I get more customers. When I created my seller’s account, it took me around 1.5 months to get the first order. I couldn’t believe that someone had actually found me and wanted to do business with me, but it turned out great and once you get your first review, it gives confidence to other buyers.

Thank you for sharing!

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