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Critique for my Gig would be Appreciated!


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Hello Everyone,
I am new here and I just have enlisted my Services on Fiverr.com.
can someone help me & take a look at my services if they are ok with respect to Title, Tagline and Tags, pleaseee??
I would be more than just thankful to you 🙂


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Guest hum_on_the_go

Hi there @ebby_expert, welcome to Fiverr. Glad you’ve joined the big loving family. :rofl: I suggest adding more images to your Gigs. Oh, it won’t help anything asking people to add you as their favorites. This refers to your other thread similar to this one. 😉

‘‘atleast one can make my gigs as their favorite, maybe it will help me 🙂
thank you everyone.’’

This feature is mostly for buyers not to forget their favorites on their list. it is not meant as a Social Media (like) kind of feature. :rofl::joy:

I’m not one of your buyers so I won’t do that, sorry!! I wish you all the best. Good luck !!

Warmly, Humberto


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