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Completed Orders should be Tagable - Categorizable

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Over several years i have completed [as Buyer] dozens of orders. I would love to be able to find some of the same Sellers for new projects. BUT the ‘subject’ of the order is not sufficiently worthwhile in seeing ‘what exactly did i have done?’ Also ‘search’ ‘my history’ is kind of useless also in terms of no useful way to find results i want [eg, search ‘website’ would produce too many useless hits].
– Therefore the past orders history is pretty much useless. What a shame for the sellers since i’d love to use some of them again [like months or years later]. And save myself a lot of time in trying find and ‘qualify’ new sellers. AND i would spend more money because i’d be able to do more projects without the high time-cost of ‘qualifying’ new sellers.
— The feature should be Categories and tags. Tags that ‘not listed’ are useless. A buyer like me should be able to use my own ‘keywords’. And create my own pick-list. Again, tags that are not in a visible list are useless.

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