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Service after order completion

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I have read several posts on revisions and creating a positive relationship with your buyer. Recently I had a buyer complete the order without any request for revisions. On the feedback I received a 4.7 star rating which is unusual I Always get Very positive reviews. So after looking at the review, the four-star was for “delivering project as expected.” I was so curious I reached out to the buyer and asked if there was anything I could do to improve. He told me that the pronunciation of the company was not correct. Although he never told me the pronunciation was not correct and he already completed the order, I explained I would revise the audio. That night I re-recorded the company name in two locations of the audio and sent it to him. He was so grateful that I followed through. The buyer never asked for a revision but It was just the right thing to do especially since he was honest and replied back to me. The 4.7 still stands of course and the feedback is always permanent. I have also had projects where I literally revised things 10 times even though the limit is usually 2. In that project we agreed to part ways and to cancel the order. If you cancel the order and the buyer accepts, it does not reflect in your statistics. So if you feel a project is not going in the right direction and you have done everything you know to do and your buyer is still not happy, you can always resolve it in a professional way. Fiverr gives you many support mechanisms. I look at fiber as a boss. You would never try to be sneaky and get away with things at your work. You always want to make your boss happy and proud of you.

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