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Project delivered and buyer open a dispute

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Hi, I have delivered on time and buyer open the dispute (late delivery). We agreed on one hour time and I delivered the complete project within 40 to 45 minutes. I sent the custom offer at 2:11 pm and delivered work at 2:58 pm. I have made only one mistake which cost me all of this (I sent the project files in chat after delivering the project) and right after I sent the files buyer filed the dispute. It is my first someone filed a disputed kindly let me know what should I do. Thank You.

1889763710_Capturedeliveredblur.png.d06858012a778e3882333d383990266f.png 273089263_Capturelateblur.png.343ef0ef5054afd42b87be92676b6f10.png 1304176666_Captureoffer.PNG.85c778a76be8200e2924cd9e2f8ef088.PNG
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The guy you worked for sounds like a jerk - it is evident by the way he speaks. I would not have taken his job request for sure. With the clear evidence the deal was agreed upon at 2:06 and delivered at 2:58, you were certainly within your given time, so you shouldn’t have an issue with Fiverr giving a refund. It shoundn’t happen, the guy is obviously being a scumbag and trying to get free work from you. Although I see now this issue is from three weeks ago now… Damn. Sorry. How did it go; what happened?

Edit: A year and 3 weeks ago… My bad haha 😅

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