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I see brilliant Logos and Website styles

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I see many brilliant Logos and Website styles but what I get back is often very very simple and primitive.

I mean, I see patterns from an “alleged” portfolio, where I as an experienced user immediately recognize that someone is at work here who not only possesses the craft skills but also seems to have excellent knowledge in typography and taste.

But no matter how many revisions, what I get back is just simple junk.
Fonts are used that are not related to content, colors where you think the user doesn’t know the color palette, often completely off-taste.

And, I dont make the prices.
Well, now you could say: You get what you pay for and that is so true!
But, i see brilliant Logos, very tasteful, very professional I use Premium Gigs and get back junk,
Some are just here to rip off.

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It is a problem indeed and for now there is no other way but to report such seller when we can prove that they stole their gig images from other people.

Just yesterday I saw 3 designers with the same logos on their gigs (apparently copying each other) and all of them were copied from the internet which was really easy to find.

So my only advice if those are gigs with prices of 15$ then most likely you wouldn’t get an original work. You can also always run a google image search to make sure that those images really belong to a seller

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