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Improve my gig on fiverr


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Your gig is “ranked” in the search engine based upon performance. Improve your gig performance, and it might rank better.

Thanks jonbaas , can you tell me on what page my gig is, I can’t see my gig on page

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Greetings Saaema,

So looking over your page there are a few things you can do to improve, I’m a top rated seller here on Fiverr and I’ve been on the site for about 8 years now 🙂

  1. Take the English tests on the site 🙂 I see a lot of people in your category who have a ton of these English and grammar tests taken, if you want to stand out, you should take as many of these as possible.

  2. More information on your gig page, you have the opportunity to make something awesome here, you get 3 images and 2 PDF to advertise yourself, fill these up with as much information as possible, writing samples, more graphics more details.

  3. What ever your competition is doing… double them. If your competition is doing 500 words for $5, you do 700 or 1000 words for $5 and deliver it in 24 hours. When you are starting out on here you have to offer more and faster otherwise you will never get ahead.

Find the best gig in your category for writing and offer more and cheaper then they do and make your gig look better than theirs. When I started out I did triple the work then everyone else, doing these things made me a top rated seller 🙂

Good luck and welcome to Fiverr, I wish you well with your gigs 🙂
Rob W.

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