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Thank God I found fiverr


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I have started my first fiverr gig few months back and I have managed to reach Level 1 status. To me it seems like a big achievement. Actually I have been going through a really bad phase for last 2 years. Even though I come from a well-to-do family, I got booted from my family for marrying without their approval. From that point on it’s been a relentless struggle for us. I don’t have much formal education and hence could not get a decent paying job. I have been jumping from one job to another ever since. Presently doing a part-time job. Thank God, I came to know about fiverr and I hope this would be the answer to our prayers. All these hardships and tensions have sucked the life out of us. My wife had never seen struggle to this extent. I just want to have a tension-free life and be able to face my family and relatives with our heads high and as winners. More importantly, to be able to bring the smile back on the face of my better half.

I wish everyone a very happy Merry Christmas and a great year ahead.

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