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Need help on buyers requests

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I need help on one thing. I have a customer who bought a gig and sent me files without any comment, behaving as he maybe was responding to a custom offer. I say this because he bought a basic package but sent files as for the higher one, and in my custom offers to buyers requests I offered the higher at the price of the basic sometimes.
So I went to check in my buyer request panel, filtered offered, but couldn’t find him. It says I have offered to 18 requests but I can see only 15 of them.
Why do offered requests disappear?
Is there a way to know if he is answering to a custom offer from there?
I can only see my gig as it is in the timeline and the 3 files in the chat.

I need to know if I have to accept the order how it is because I offered for that or if I can ask for a bit more as he is actually asking for the higher package while paying the basic. I want to be sure not to make a mistake here.

Thanks for your help.

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I would simply provide the buyer with the package that they bought, and would accommodate any simple requests that they may have. You can always message the buyer or post in the buyer thread and ask for any clarification. Offered requests can disappear based off of people accepting offers from people, and therefore their request has been fulfilled.

You can look at your offer to him as a potential discount that you are providing him with as well and just go the extra distance to make a extra happy customer. Ultimately, whatever they requested is hopefully what you are providing them.

In short: I would message them and ask for any clarification on what they expect or specifically want done.

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