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My small journey on Fiverr!

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Hey there,
I am from Pakistan. I chose to study Business Administration at a University in Pakistan. And I don’t know why I did that! when my interest totally met with computer studies and stuff. In a student’s life, a person usually faces many financial problems every day so that was also with me when I started living in a different city to continue going to my university I also faced so many financial problems and other stuff. I looked out for a part-time job but that was difficult to find in a small city in Pakistan. One day, one of my friends told me about Fiverr and I just made an account and used to deliver the services of writing web content and articles. But it was difficult for me to write too much and get only $5 for a 1000 word article I felt so frustrated and thought to leave these things and but my financial condition didn’t allow me to do that! So I started building and polishing my graphics and animation skills and made gigs on 2D animation and graphics designing. And in a very first week of making that gig, I got a buyer from Costa Rica who had a chess project that was difficult to make and the price was very small but I decided to go with that because I believed ‘something is better than nothing’. I made him some animated videos and he got very impressed and gave me his whole project to make. I made a few bucks from that but that was enough to support my expenses very well and I got motivated and started to work more and more hard to get permanent and good buyers because I had to support my studies and stuff myself without having anybody helping me to do so. I wanted to build my career in this field and very soon I became a level one seller and still, my journey is continued and I am about to reach the badge of level two seller. Right now I am facing some difficulties to get orders like from past two months I haven’t got any single order I don’t know what happened to my account of gigs. Still, I am waiting to get orders. You guys are very welcomed to give me tips about how should I increase my sales. I want to be a top rated seller one day and that will surely be a great day of my life!

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