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Why you do that?


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This seems like a slightly more complicated than usual “I am not getting messages” post.

If you swap the word “Inbox” for “Messages” in the OP and his subsequent comments it makes more sense. He can’t improve his response rate if he isn’t getting messages but he isn’t getting messages because of his response rate - that seems to be his point.

What CS are saying to him is “tough luck but go get some customers using our suggestions for attracting clients outside of Fiverr”.

That is the only real proactive solution here so CS advice here is actually on point.

  • Get your own customers outside of Fiverr and bring them here
  • When they message you and you respond it improves your response rate,
  • This (in theory) should improve ranking
  • Then you will start to get messages from Fiverr buyers through the platform

and we all live happily ever after…

Thank you, I know that. Just saying I had L2, but no orders

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Everything doesn’t make sense. We did try our best to be honest and we even tried to ask questions to clarify the situation on which we got vague answered like “we built google with our money same here”

I understand the frustration of the OP but he seems to be responding passive aggressive to many of us.

So with all due respect but I don’t think we can do anything more than this here.

Sorry about that, and thank you for your advices

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