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Order canceled even though i make it

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I just had a bad experience yesterday.
There was a customer who wanted me to do an emote in the same position and hair but with other colors+heart of an old emote of mine,so i made this 2 TIMES even though i have only 1 free REVISION and he still wasn’t satisfacted and BLAME IT on me and saying it doesnt look alike i showed to more people and they said that customer is really shitty
AND HE ONLY WANTED TO TRACE IT which is illegal and explained to him AND i told him if u want me another revision will cost money but eventually HE CANCELED THE ORDERED AND I ACCEPT BECAUSE I WORKED SO MUCH EXTRA AND TALK WITH FOR 1 HOUR and im so upset cuz no money for so much stress :
this is the emote
And he said he doesnt like it at all,that he doesnt like the hair,that DOESNT LOOK ALIKE,that he wants A COPY.

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