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This is how you get your first order

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First Impressions Matter.

This is an universally accepted fact. In Fiverr, first impressions matter more than anything because that is what prompts a buyer to choose your service.

The easiest way to create a good first impression is by typing without any grammatical errors. This is very important on Fiverr as many buyers judge your quality based on how well you communicate. Buyers can be put off by Sellers who do not take the time to ensure what they are typing is error free.

I understand that there are many Sellers from various linguistic backgrounds. But, if you want to get your first order, then, please try your best to communicate without errors. There is an app called Grammarly (I am NOT sponsored to say this 😂) that you can install in your device which will help you type without any grammatical errors.

I hope Sellers find this post useful.

Peace ✌️

Such a small but important detail that can make the difference.

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