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I tell buyers to contact me before placing order. Today, buyer placed order without contacting me first. Can I cancel without hurting order completion rate?

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I’ll try to keep this short. I have a problem with writing too much sometimes lol!

The very first sentence on my Fiverr listing says this exactly:

Contact me before placing order so we can talk about the photos you want :)!

This is important because I do product photography, and there are certain items that I can’t or won’t photograph. One of those “wont’s” is clothes. I explicitly said this at the bottom of my listing details and in my Q&A:

I accept most types of products, as long as they are under 1.5 ft^3 (0.45 meters wide, long, and high). I do not photograph clothes.

I had a customer today break both of the aforementioned rules, though; they placed an order for me to photograph 6 t-shirts, and without contacting me first. I am not mad at them or anything; it’s an honest mistake that I probably could’ve done, too.

But should I be penalized for the customer ordering something that I specifically stated that I cannot do? I went and filed a dispute aiming to cancel this order, and I understand that this will hurt my order completion rate. I don’t feel like it’s fair to the sellers, and I also feel like this system leaves a lot of room for abuse. Sellers can sabotage their competition by placing absurd orders that they could not possibly go through with, thus resulting in the penalty when they inevitably have to cancel. For example, asking a graphic designer to make a song for them; graphic designers can use this technique to sabotage their fellow graphic designers.

Is there someone at Fiverr I can get in touch with to have this cancellation not count towards my order completion rate? Also, curious if anyone else has had a similar sort of experience. Thanks guys and gals 🙂!

P.S. not sure if this is the right forum category to ask questions on. I’m not sure.

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If you contact CS about your issue and explain the circumstances they may cancel it for you without it counting towards your completion rate. :thinking:

What if it’s a 24hr delivery job? CS would definitely take time to respond and the buyer will most likely cancel the order if it’s late.

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If buyers must contact you before ordering , then you better also add that notice about it on order page from " basic , Standard,Premium " , otherwise you will possible to meet the same problems again in the future ------ Buyers ordering without contact you and leave the work that you don’t really can do , because some buyers never read anything from " About this gig " , because lazy or because don’t speak good english , so they lazy to read a lot of words .

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