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Buyer Cancelled Order without Conscience-My Fiverr Story

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The fact than buyers can just decide to cancel orders is why many sellers are always on edge when doing jobs. No matter how good, honest, respective, creative you are you will still encounter sadist buyers who will make your Fiverr experience hell.

So this buyer wanted a 15secs Facebook ad. He had no idea on how he was going to go about it. He just sent me a 1gig folder of a folder on his PC. I went through everything and told him I would help develop a storyboard ( I working with storyboards as they direct my video production process and allow clients to have an idea of what to expect. So he dictated the things he wanted to include in the video and I incorporated them into the storyboard.

Creating the video, I discovered that to fit in all the information in the storyboard in the video, the video would have to go too fast and viewers might not be able to read the texts on the screen. I thought of creating it like that anyway but decided to reach out to him first and discuss with him. I sent a message and suggested we take out repetitive parts or the least important ones. he then suggested we create two videos. One pretty long for his Youtube and another for the Facebook. I told him that is a good idea but might attract like 20 dollars more depending on the complexity of the Youtube video. Guess that was my mistake.

He the started accusing me of incompetence and lying. I was shocked. He told me I should not dare tell him to modify the storyboard. I explained that the storyboard I wrote was just a framework and the content could be reworded to make it shorter while keeping the same context. He refused. I explained to him that we could still use the existing storyboard if he wants all the content included. He refused. I then offered to create the two videos at no extra cost. (I had purchased stock footage, I had written a storyboard and was almost done with the video). He refused and insisted on cancelling the order saying that he never wanted to work with a level 1 seller before.

I tried to reason with him and even apologised. He insisted on me cancelling…while calling me names and cussing me out. I gave up and agreed to cancel while still calling him sir and respecting him fully. He later came to my inbox and swore he would report me and do everything against me. I simply told him
“God bless you, sir.”

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