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Post marked as spam, looking for second opinion from staff


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Please don’t ask help about your gig in other user’s post. You can ask help to improve your service in Improve My Gig . Please read Forum Rules..

For any question regarding Flag/moderation, you can consult/ask with any Available Moderators. You can simply invite @moderators in the PM you received from the system and explain your thoughts. (btw I’m not a Fiverr Staff, I’m a seller, volunteering as a Moderator, hope my reply helped.)

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Hi! I made a post in the thread Finelly I've got my first order today and apparently it’s been hidden for being spam.

I cannot possibly see how my post could be construed as being spam, I was just trying to engage in conversation with the topic at hand and asking for general advice… Very strange!

I cannot possibly see how my post could be construed as being spam

In that case, as has already been suggested by @wp_kid, you might want to consider reading the forum’s rules and guidelines again.

Taken from the forum’s rules and guidelines:

  • Post replies asking for personalized help are generally discouraged since it is much better for users to post their requests for help in Improve my Gig.

If you need help with something, you are more than welcome to create a new forum topic on it. However, asking for help in some other thread that’s not created by you is not only bad forum etiquette but also against the forum’s rules (it’s also known as “thread hijacking”).

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