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I completed my recent order and it mark as completed but why buyer not give me rating and feedback


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How Fiverr Reviews Work

  • The buyer has 10 days to leave reviews once the order is marked as complete.
  • Once the buyer leaves a review, you will receive a notification and can leave your own review.
    Note: You cannot yet see the buyer’s review at this stage.
  • Once both the seller and buyer have completed their review or the 10 days have passed, both reviews will be made public.
  • Reviews about the buyer will only appear in the buyer’s profile.
  • Once reviews have been made public, they cannot be changed.
  • If you do not review a buyer within the 10-day period, you will not be able to add a new review for that order.
  • If you feel that a review left by a user is abusive, a result of a technical error, or violates our Terms of Service, please contact Customer Support team

Read more here: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/buyer-and-seller-reviews

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Put simply, most buyers will not leave feedback because they got their needs fulfilled with their gig purchase. You will receive feedback on about 20% of your completed gigs.
This is normal. This is also NOT a reflection of your skills of ability.

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