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Buyer did not kept his words

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I have got into an issue with the buyer. He orders me to make something for him. He get’s satisfied with me as well and everything was going perfect. When the time of delivery came then he saw that one module is not working due to internet has shutdown that thing. So then he complains me to cancel the order. He even said to me that he should order me a month ago cz that thing is not appreciated by internet anymore. He agrees that it is not even my skills fault. But he then ask me to cancel the order. I also stand against him and denied him. Then he said to me that he will go against me to Fiverr Support. Someone help me out what should i do? As he was about to get his delivery and was agree with me. But now as he is not getting his concern he asked me to cancel the order.
Oxama Baig

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You need to contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and inform then that you have delivered everything that you had promised in your gig/custom offer.

Do not forget to also send a screenshot of your communication with your buyer where they ask for a refund despite admitting that it is not your fault. Tell CS that you are not willing to refund/cancel the order because you had done your job.

I am pretty sure CS will tell you to “sort it out” with your buyer. But, in any case, I think it is a good idea to keep CS informed so that they do not cancel/refund the order on their end either.

If your buyer keeps requesting for a refund/cancellation, just keep refusing them.

Good luck! ☀️

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