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Hi everyone im new here, i came share some of my history and what i try to make with fiverr

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Hi people im Fk “El Perso” Producer, im from Venezuela. I`m Music Producer, Beatmaker and singer or rapper whatever you like to call haha. I work with most urban generes (Trap, Rap, Reggaeton, Dancehall) I compose, produce and do mix and master.

I came to fiverr looking for a form to live doing that what i love to do and get better renevues to make a better life in my country (to nobody is a secret the situation of venezuela right now)

I have like 2 weeks on fiverr and recently complete my first order, i feel lucky about it, i imagine some people wait much more time to get orders. I hope receive more soon hahah.

So i passed by here to leave mi greetings and know some about your experience on fiverr, i think what talk and meet people and his experience can teach you a lot and all about this freelance world is new for me but i need to admidt what it like it.

So you know if you need beats, mix or simply you want try to be a singer, i can help to you.

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