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Nearly all interactions have been scammers or spammers

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Not really normal but you might see a higher percentage of them as they tend to focus on newer accounts; should get better, the longer you’re here.

What you can do … the best course of action probably is keeping a couple “quick responses” saved and using those to make sure your response rate won’t drop (in theory, reporting should count as a “response” and your rate shouldn’t be affected, however, people regularly post about their rate still having been affected), or simply type something quick like “no thanks”, then reporting them, so they hopefully won’t spam/(try to) scam others or you again (in case they’ll get banned and open another account. Serial spammers/scammers will hardly remember all account names they spammed, so they might try again…)

Most of the spammers usually won’t post again once you ask them if they’d like to buy your gig, also that’s a safe quick response for those cases where you’re 99% sure it’s a spammer but not 100%.

On another note, welcome to the forum!

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