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How I end up here


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I’m Muhammad Hizlan from Malaysia. I’m 18 years old, just graduated from Secondary School. Also, I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer. I’ve been learning Graphic Design since I was in Elementary School (12 years old) from my mom. My mom is also a Graphic Designer with almost 20 years of experience.

Today is my second day here. I want to share how I end up here.

I’m doing my family business, but the sales are going down since May. I said to myself that I would like to quit graphic design because of a few incidents happens to me that bring me down, but I have got no choice.

I’m back at the graphic design on this one platform for freelancers (I couldn’t say the name) that I’ve been working for 4 years. This platform is where you competitively design a logo and win a prize. For just a month, I have win 3 contest with total prizes of $710.

Recently, my design got reported for copying other designers concept. I challenge the report, and my account got suspended by the moderator. I swear to god that I’m not copying the idea, the contest holder also confused and frustrated because the design has nothing to do with the design referred. It’s not even the same.

I put my effort point out the design and explain the design, but it might make them look bad and no professionalism by saying it’s their fault for approved the report and not check the design thoroughly.

I’m fed up, and I don’t know where I could found money to pay my utilities, food and vehicle for this month.

So here I am, just trying the market. It seems like a good website, and it’s not that bad that people had to sell as low as $5 and it’s become competitive but get people trust is the most important to sell your design for a higher price.

My target was to hit 100 positive reviews. For now, I’m doing quite okay. I’ve got 81 impressions, 31 views, 9 social clicks, and 12 clicks in 1 day after I posted my first gig. I don’t know if that’s a lot for a new seller. Let me know in the comment section, what’s your statistic when you get your first buyer.

Thanks for reading my introduction. Hope we could work together and befriend. Wish me success in Fiverr!

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“Lifetime Support”

You need to remove the above (copied) from your gig description as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Suggest you carefully read and abide by the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

Enjoy the forum. 🙂

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