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Real translators: Detect them!


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Hello guys,

I’m quite new on fiverr. I think the platform is perfect and good. I took a quick tutorial to better understand the website. I’m really thinking of making it big here. I was shocked when I saw some profiles. If you wish to have a good translation you’ll have to take into consideration these tips :

  • Make sure the translator is native (check the location even if that’s no big deal),
  • Read the profile very well (it should sounds natural),
  • Check the experience,
  • If you wish to order English to French or French to English for instance make sure you order from someone who only offers those languages. I’ve noticed that most of the translators offer more than 7 languages (target and source). That’s a little impossible they’ll surely outsource your work,
  • The last but not least ask for a small test and pay for it (it worth it for your business)…etc.

I hope it helps guys.
Best regards.

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Hello and welcome. 🙂
Sadly I have reported MANY fake translators in the past, and a good number of them were
level 1, level 2 sellers with MANY good reviews.

Here’s something I’d add to your list:

  1. Check for any negative reviews. If there are any comments saying things like “I asked my native friend to check, and he/she said it was completely rubbish” that’s a huge red flag.

  2. If the price is too low, you might want to think twice.
    There ARE skilled and real translators who offer really low prices, but if you see any “certified” translators offering to translate hundreds of words for just $5, you might want to be careful.

  3. Many fake sellers just copy other people’s descriptions.
    While the English on the gig descriptions appears to be perfect, but the seller’s response to the buyer’s comments are in broken English, (something like “Thank you nice work with you” ) that could be another red flag.

I’d say go look for a native person who can check the translation quality for you. If you don’t have any friends/coworkers around you who knows the language, maybe taking the finished translation and posting it here on the forum and call out to people might be another way to check??

I hate to say this, but don’t blindly trust the good ratings. There are proofreading / translation quality check gigs available too, so you might want to check those out too. 🙂

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