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I'm so thankful for Fiverr!


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It’s simply amazing!

When I started Fiverr 4 months ago, I had been to voice-over acting school in San Francisco, but I did not feel ready to dive into the professional voice-over world. I had gone through professional training, but felt nervous, like a rookie, not sure of my talent and abilities.

Over these 4 months with all of the kind reviews and glittering feedback, my confidence has boosted. I have rearranged and improved my demos *based on real work, and learned so much about professionalism and client treatment. And I have done commercials for companies like Zappos Shoes, Chevrolet, and Old Navy.

Yes, I have made a a few mistakes, and learned every single time. I have been upset with clients, or even unable to fulfill their exact desires. But through that, I learned so much about poise and professionalism. These are lessons that are valuable no matter what I do.

I am so thankful for Fiverr. They have given me an opportunity I could not have had anywhere else.

What are you thankful for in regards to Fiverr?

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asongaboutyou said: What are you thankful for in regards to Fiverr?

Somewhere on this forum is my story about being an active voice over for 20 years, got seriously injured, couldn't drive to auditions or jobs and thought I'd never be able to use my home studio again. After 18 months of physical therapy and 12 months on Fiverr, I'm not 100% and never will be, but Fiverr helped me get back into VO on my own terms.

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