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Unkown Client send me order without talking with me

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An unknown client sent me a gig request without talking to me.
I did not open his request, but when I went to my order page I find it and the time delivery was calculated.
Should i open this order ?
If i will not open it it will be considered as incomplete ?
What should i do?

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Buyers don’t need to contact you to place an order. If delivery time is calculating the order has already started.

See the requirements. If they are requesting something you offer you need to complete and deliver the work otherwise it will be considered as late delivery. There will be a possibility of order cancellation and bad review.

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The way Fiverr works is that buyers do not have to contact you prior before ordering. Therefore, if you do not open the order and fail to deliver in the stated timeframe, he can cancel it and the system automatically gives you a one-star negative reviews.

The buyer should have provided you with requirements of his project. From there, you should be able to get started on the project.

Good luck.

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