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Fiverr Earnings Observations and Suggestions

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This is my third year working on fiverr, and as proud as I am for the successful gigs I have delivered on this platform, I never knew users can actually click on the amount values shown at the top of the “Earnings Page” to actually filter only that field. That was not until I tried to copy the values and saw that it had a hover state that changed the color to green.

As a UI designer, I would actually advice fiverr to make it more familiar and clear to users that those values are clickable. Just like I have done here.


Again this is just my opinion based off of the experiences I have gathered with user interface testings.

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You might want to remove the amounts from screenshots, for safety reasons (and so that you don’t get spammed by people who beg you to buy from them).

Thank you very much, the amounts are just falsified figures for illustrative purposes and does not tally in anyway possible. Thank you once again.

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