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Did I do a bad job really? Bad buyer experience

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I had my first bad experience… basically, I agreed to make a commercial for this guy’s tooth whitening kit. I told him that I was planning to film a girl using the product, smiling, having a great time, showing it off, etc. I sent him the exact script for the voice over and he approved it.

When I sent him the video (here: https://vimeo.com*****) he got really upset because he said the model was unprofessional and he could tell she was holding back a laugh the whole time, and you can’t even see her using the product (I had footage of her putting this black powder on her teeth, but wanted to be discreet because it looked horrific) He cancelled the order and I refunded him.

I thought “live and learn” but I’m finding I can’t shake this off and I feel really nervous with the current projects I’m working on. So far I’ve had a great experience here on Fiverr, making a lot of money and having a ton of fun.

I don’t think there were any clear warning signs that he was going to be a bad client. He kept asking me over and over again if I had written the script yet while we were still far out from the delivery date, that’s maybe the only thing. What are Toxic Client warning signs so I know what to look out for to avoid this in the future?

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Yeah,you will find such Buyers too on Fiverr,let me tell i was given a project to be worked it within 24 hours,and i did and delivered the order and Buyer asked for modification.Meanwhile i sent him 5-6 samples of his work and asked him what sort of modification do you want me to do in your project but he never co-operated with me and only said your work is unprofessional and asked for refund, and he cancelled the order ,Even i did his work properly but he did not pay for me, and my that Gig was really influenced on order cancellation,it usually happens.
Continue your work instead of being discouraged by such Buyers,
you should use a good language with them while Conversation.

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