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Gigs above map, yay! Now I just have a few additional suggestions!

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Gigs above the map, yay! Now, what about gigs that can be moved(Perhaps to adjust for seasonal times or to help increase the visibility of them.), and personal categories?

Although it’s in a “category” I feel being able to make your own categories(Only in your profile, that have nothing to do with the official categories!) would be helpful for those that offer many varying gigs. This way I can help guide buyers better in the future when recommending specific gigs to them. Rather than saying the name, I could say, check out the insert category name in my profile page. I also feel it would make the profile page look a bit more professional, in my opinion.

I can also then be able to make special deal gigs more noticeable, as well as highlight easier on gigs that may take longer to deliver due to a holiday or for personal reasons.


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Yeah, I guess time will tell and changes may be made. I hope that this is in fact a change on the gig Profile’s to show that they are considering and listening to potential changes and not just a bug on my part but if no-one else is seeing it like this… sigh

That’s just how it shows up for me for my profile and everyone elses. I took a screenshot of yours for example, @voiceoverwork

Now I am kind of disappointed and worried that it’s just a glitch/bug on my part. I was really hoping it was showing like that for everyone. It’s been hours though since I last checked and I still see it like that even after going on a different browser.

No matter what profile, it shows up like this for me on all of them. It’s only been like this for me within the last 24 to 48 hours. Before that the map was in fact, above the gigs. It changed seemingly around the time the Fiverr App was released, so maybe it’s been a little longer than I realized.

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