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Problems with my statistics

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Hello, you will see I have a problem with my account, I have already claimed twice, and they close my case and they do not give me a specific answer.


As you will see in the attached file, there are my earnings in the time I have been on the site.

So, for more than the account is missing 22 dollars.

I explain to you, what I have done is easy, I only take the mountain from the total of what I have earned on the site $ 4,753.20 and I am subtracting the rest, it should reach 0 but it does not.


4,753.20 the rest 4,240 would be 513.20 the rest 80 would be 433.20 the rest 379.20 would be 54 the rest 32 and would remain 22. Where are those 22 dollars?

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I don’t know, but their own example screen also shows a difference (and mine).


The calc says:

Available for Withdrawal: This shows all the money available for withdrawal. This is figured by the money earned minus the withdrawals, money used to order Gigs, and money pending clearance

If the “available for withdrawal” isn’t just the first figure on the left minus the 3 to the right of it maybe they/someone can say how it is calculated exactly.

Maybe the “used for purchases” excludes the service charges on each gig (when it shouldn’t really, for easy calculation). I don’t know if tips from the buyer are also included in that figure (they should be I think).

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