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Iphone app, free gig glitch, anyone else have problems?


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First off I had no idea that the free gig that you earned after purchase through the app would be from a limited pool (thanks for letting us know all the details in advance).

Second, even when I choose from the “hand picked” gigs which will be free and say “free” right on them I’m still being redirected to paypal which is asking for $5. I am within the 1hr time and also from within the pool of limited gigs (thanks for letting us know that it a limited pool of free gigs and not any gig)

Anyone else have this issue?

My iphone app crashed 4 times while I was trying to get the free gig I earned (from a limited pool of gigs which I don’t remember them mentioning but that’s fine who cares right)

Then, it’s difficult to even find a way to contact support, the page tells you to open go to the “resolution center” which is for problems with purchased gigs. So if you have problem it’s not easy to contact support (I’m sure they’re overloaded with requests which is why it’s hidden…it’s buried deep within the site, but if you’re lucky you will find a way to submit a support request.

After purchasing almost $100 in gigs from fiverr in the last 3wks this is the first time I’ve been let down. WTF guys? I guess I “should be having dinner right now” haha lol…not


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