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How would a voice actor seller go about charging?


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I’m sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

Hello! I’m Krissy. I am a voice actress of two years. I have recorded a professional gig in a real studio before (it was for a TV pilot). Yet, it’s the only real pro gig I’ve ever done. Since then I’ve been doing voices for film students or whoever else comes along. Still, I have a few questions about how to charge my voice overs.

First off, I understand that the base charge for anything on Fiverr is $5. Secondly, I don’t want to overcharge any buyer/client on this website (or anywhere in general, of course).

What I want to know is,

— How many words are worth $5?

— Would it be ok to charge more if the client provides a long script?

— If so, how MUCH MORE would be a fair price?

— How do I know what prices are right for me?

I’ve looked at other voice actors on Fiverr and noticed that they charge quite a bit. For example, I’ve seen someone charge $5 = 50 words. Some charge less. I don’t know if that’s cheap or expensive for voice overs, I don’t know what’s fair or not. =/

I’m trying to avoid overcharging clients and ripping myself off. Also, I’ve googled about this topic many, many times and haven’t found a definite answer. There are so many ways to charge yet I don’t know which way is is right for me.

If anyone knows anything about this field, I thank you for advice in advance. 🙂

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Hi Krissy. I’m a voice over actress with over 20 years experience and a pretty good gig. If I were you, with your experience I would charge at least 200-300 words for $5, if not more. This will help you attract business, build your portfolio and give you a chance to get better. To find out what clients are looking for.

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