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My requested gig is unapproved. What does that mean?


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Welcome to Fiverr @blenderapp,

From Fiverr’s FAQ section:

"When a Gig is pending review, our editors are taking a look at it to make sure that everything is fine and dandy with our Terms of Service. This is to insure the quality of Gigs that are active on Fiverr as well as compliance with our guidelines.

When a Gig doesn’t pass our editors review, please know that our content editors have reviewed your gig extensively and included in an email sent to your inbox as to why your gig did not pass their review. Unfortunately our editors will not be able to restore your gig and you are encouraged to submit new and unique gigs via your Fiverr account. For more helpful tips on how your gig can succeed on Fiverr, please check out our Forum threads for Tips to Sellers found here: http://forum.fiverr.com/categories/tips-for-sellers"

Hope that helps! 🙂

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