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Please keep these things in mind when ordering and dealing with sellers


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Just a few things I’ve run into here in my short tenure.

Especially with writers, we usually have other clients who also deserve our attention. I do my projects in the order I receive them, unless they are express orders. I’ve had to take express orders off my add-ons, because I have deadlines from outside clients that I have to meet, and getting rush orders here makes that difficult sometimes.

When a seller puts a time on their gig, say 7 days, THAT is their final deadline. You must accept that deadline and not keep bothering them about when your order is going to be finished. Unless you have purchased an express add-on, you don’t deserve any more consideration than any other buyer. We all do our best to deliver as quickly as possible, but to be honest, better and faster paying outside clients may knock your gig back a day or so. As long as it is delivered within the stated time limit, please don’t give negative reviews. That is just selfish and unkind.

Fiverr generously gives you two weeks to cancel even after the gig is delivered. Don’t complete a gig you are unhappy with, then at some later date cancel and give a bad review. Most of us are more than willing to work with you until you are happy – within reason, of course. I personally had to expressly state that I will only do x amount of revisions and no complete rewrites because if I didn’t, buyers always asked for too much. Threatening a cancellation because you don’t get what you want when it is more than what the gig provides and more than what was agreed on above and beyond what the gig provides is unprofessional.

Think about the country the seller is in. If you are in the Philippines or India where $5 US goes a lot further than it does here, don’t expect the same value you would get paying one of your own countrymen that amount. $5 U.S. is 304.95 rupees and 221.05 Philippine pesos. Try to keep that in mind, and if you want what you consider more value, order from your own countrymen.

A lot of this could be avoided by simply reading the entire gig before ordering. If you do not read English well, have someone who does translate it. I’ve had people contact me with requests so far outside of what I stated on the gig, it makes me wonder if they read it at all.

Hope this helps some sellers understand how we may think a little better.

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