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How does it look for buyer


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I was curious how it looks for a buyer when they let you add your work to your live portfolio, what do they have to do and/or click? I once ordered a logo and it did show up in their live portfolio (Which I don’t mind) but I don’t know/remember what I did for it to show.

Does anyone have a screenshot or something so I know for next time in case I do not want to show something in the sellers live portfolio?

Thank you!

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According to this:

To remove the work sample, please click the ( - ) button on the work sample thumbnail while writing your review.

According to this link:

You can choose not to include the work sample with your feedback by deselecting the thumbnail in the feedback box.

The work sample is selected by default and I don’t think it’s that clear to the buyer. Maybe it could be an option eg. “include this work sample in the live gallery?”. It could also be made easier for the buyer to remove it later (after the review is posted) if they wanted to, instead of having to contact CS. Or they could have the option of choosing a different work sample after review if there were multiple files delivered.

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