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Live Portfolio On Forever


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We wanted to let you know that the Live Portfolio feature is becoming a mandatory part of our Gig pages.

Gigs belonging to ‘Logo Design’ and ‘Illustration’ categories will be the first to get activated, meaning that you will no longer be able to turn Live Portfolio off.

As of December 17th, 2013, LivePortfolio will be activated for all existing Gigs in those categories, including yours.


The Fiverr Team


This is a very good move to enhance experience of buyers on fiverr … This will also push Sellers to do better quality work i know there are many who steal sample images from internet to make their gig look more professional and the actual work they deliver is very low quality.

Now Buyers will easily pick Good Sellers!

Thanks to Fiverr Team

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Hi, I want that my live portfolio remain same forever never change, is it possible?_

No, it’s not possible. Once you activate your live portfolio, new samples will be added automatically upon buyers approval.

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