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3 Years Break from Fiverr! Now I am back to give another try

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Hello all! I just want to share my experience here on Fiverr. I have been a member since 2015 but I haven’t get involved much due my full job and also getting annoyed easily by some clients special requests for just a fiver… so I gave up until last 3 months ago when I have decided that it is time to do my come back but this time putting my price services up and not anymore for a fiver as starting point.
My surprise was instant and I have start to receive orders more that I was expected to get reaching ** Level 2 ** only in ** 2 Months **!

I am happy and as a good advice: Don’t let anybody to put you down, if you are motivated, hard worker, passionate and you put a lot of hours in your creative product never be afraid to ask the fair price for your work. Fiverr it is not anymore a $Fiver for a real creative mind… as me 😉
May God Bless You All! Peace and Love!

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