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********* was very unprofessional

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I had the worst experience today with artist ********* . I Messaged the artists first inquiring about some artwork for a screen print on T-shirts. I even sent him examples of the type of work I wanted it done and asked him if he was able to do that, which he said yes I can do it. When ********* sent me the final results I asked him was it a rough draft and he said no. The artwork was so bad I felt like my two-year-old could have done a better job. After the order was canceled he decided to message me which was very unprofessional about the whole situation.
I Screenshots his messages and the art he tried to sell me.


Mod Note: Username removed.

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Need to remove the sellers name from the title and post. I understand if their design wasn’t to your standards but the cancellation button shouldn’t be used for this reason, that’s what reviews are for. You should have asked them to revise their work until you were satisfied with the end result.

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