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Is our Marketing Gig Easy To Understand


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Hi we are very knew to Fiverr but really enjoy being here. When we are not on Fiverr we work with large firms offering our online marketing and public relations services, but we wanted to bring these services to the small business owner who could not afford to have a company market them and increase their brand development on line to drive customers to their websites.

What we are worried about is, we are concerned that our gig is not clear to people on Fiverr of what we offer as mentioned we deal with large firms who know exactly what services they receive.

Can people have a look at the gig and let me know if it is clear what we offer or should i make it more simple.

We have only just put the gig up and already we have had well over one thousand four hundred people look at the gig but only had four people take up the service. I have know problem in driving traffic to the gig but I feel it may not be clear to people what we offer or how important online marketing is.

The gig is here http://fiverr.com/in2town/do-online-marketing-with-long-lasting-results

and we have developed a gig where we promote fiverr gigs and drive traffic to the gig which is here. http://fiverr.com/in2town/promote-your-fiverr-gig-to-get-you-more-sales

Would value fiverr members thoughts if the gig is easy to understand.

Many thanks for your help

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I can have a critical eye. So, if you’re asking - I’ll pick on it. 🙂 In the title it says “long lasting results.” Scroll down. Image says I’m going to have “long lasting results.” First paragraph says “long lasting results.” Next sentence says “long lasting results.” It’s kind of repetitive. Plus, I think you should break it down into something specific. That phrase can be subjective. What does it really mean for you? Then, I go on to see what I can get for $5…It says, “We will use social networks to promote your site which will include using 2 of our popular Facebook accounts & one twitter account with over 76,000 followers, 2 accounts if your business is health related.” So, are you going to Tweet about it once? Are you going to write a 100 word blurb on your Facebook? Send messages to all your friends and followers? I think it would be better if you specify what you’re going to do to promote them.

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