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Why buys want give rating?

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i complete my order and he also mark as complete but he dint give any comments about my work through chat i requested he change the topic and i don’t know why he did this i didnt ask to review i ask are you satisfy with my work

please some tell how is the polite way to ask about my work?

and when some send me the message what is the good way to replay ? for example send a message about my gig i want to tank them for send a question what is the correct format ?

thank you in advance

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I think you might want to start with improving your English, that will be a good way to learn how to reply to your customers because there is no real secret, if they asking you something all you need to do is to reply on their question in polite manner.

As for your other questions: buyers are not obliged to leave a review. In fact fiverr reminding them already to leave their feedback 2 times and if they don’t want to you can’t push them.

Also you should read fiverr TOS again because asking your client about the review after order completion might get your account banned.

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