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Copyright photo flagged, But its my offical photo


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Yes, CS is the only way to deal with it, since they took the action.

But just in case others wonder “how this kind of thing can happen”, please consider that there are multiple issues with “intellectual property rights”, and Fiverr needs to protect themselves and other customers. Sometimes that means there will be a delay in getting things approved, but if your case is valid, you should be fine in a few days.

What kind of other issues might be involved?

a. Sometimes it is just a mistake. Someone at Fiverr CS might have just hit the wrong key. Totally fixable, but mistakes do happen sometimes.

b. Does your photo show anything in the background which might make it questionable? Are you posing at Disneyland or something like that? If you try to use a pic like that it can raise issues.

c. Your statement itself does have some “wiggle room” …

amyboosimpson said: I uploaded a photo for my gig, which is mine
Are you trying to say that the photo in question is a portrait of you and you own it completely? Or when you say "photo which is mine" do you mean that it is a photo you bought somewhere? CS might be suspicious of the latter situation.

-- good luck

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