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Voice Over help?!


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Firstly, I’ve only just signed up to the website so I have no idea if I’m even posting in the right place, so if not…sorry!

I’m looking for something in particular but I’m not exactly sure what the ‘technical’ term is so not sure if I’m looking in the right place and I can’t find an option to actually message the sellers and see if they can actually do what I’m looking for without actually buying.

What I’m looking for is this. I’m a burlesque performer and for a new act I want a short piece of voice over sounding like a radio broadcast with a couple of sound effects to suggest tuning in etc. Then the ‘radio presenter’ to introduce the track I’m using to dance to as if it was being played through the radio (if you get my gist)

So…is there someone who can put the whole thing together, voice over and sound effects followed by the track that I will provide or do I just have to order the voice over bit and find some way of attaching it to the track myself?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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