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Staying Safe on Fiverr


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Thank you for this article! That is very important information. Just wanted to add one more tip for sellers. It doesn’t matter if your a newbi or a well known seller on fiverr. Don’t ever accept to do something without being payed upfront. I just learnt it the hard way. One buyer doesn’t order the gig after we agreed I’ll finish and then he will check and buy the gig from me. He even suggested to buy more gigs if I’ll deliver fast. So, I have delivered what he asked for fast. Than he disappeared and began with all kinds of reasons why he havn’t bought yet. I should have known better, but I learnt my lesson well. This won’t happen again I assure you!

Just be careful and always take safe measures and all will be fine. There are scammers out there. I am about to make a complaint on fiverr about him. Just my 2 cents.

Happy Holidays :)>-

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Hello, I have a question, How long I have to wait to get a reply from fiverr customer support? It has been almost 3 days I have sent a support message but there is no one for me to reply. Can you please help me?

Here is my support ticket, Please help 😦

Fiverr Customer Support - Ticket #522924

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