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Staying Safe on Fiverr


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We’d like to remind you about some security policies to make sure you stay safe on Fiverr.

No email from Fiverr Customer Support or any Fiverr employee originates from a public domain email address and will always have @ fiverr.com in our email addresses (ex: support@fiverr.com). If you receive an email from a person claiming to be a Fiverr representative and you are unsure of the legitimacy of the request, the safest thing to do is contact our customer support or forward this email to support@fiverr.com for further handling.

Fiverr will never ask you directly for your Password or PayPal information as it violates our own Privacy Policy found here: http://fiverr.com/privacy-policy.

Any suspicion of phishing attempts on your account should be reported immediately to support@fiverr.com. This includes messages received in your Fiverr Inbox, personal Email, or Social networks which include suspicious URLs that may lead to websites impersonating Fiverr.com to gather your log in information as you are not requested to log in again to your Fiverr account.

Just a reminder, users who message you on or off of Fiverr’s network to request that you perform a service and pay you directly should be reported. It’s against our Terms of Service to facilitate transactions off of Fiverr’s network and may lead to additional security exposures in your computer environment not related to Fiverr.

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Thank you for the great advice. Unfortunately, I was hacked this way and am currently awaiting my actual accounts reactivation. Learned the lesson the hard way. Lost my level 2 seller account for the time being. None of my funds were stolen which was over $1000 and I prevented them from being able to access my account after I sent the ticket but I’m still glad I sent it though. I provided them with information on the account user who did it and I hope they got him. Until then I’m back at grinding from the bottom on the new account.

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