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External Support Portfolio of Work - ADVICE NEEDED :-)


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Hi everyone,

I have been asked many times to provide examples of my sales scripts and other work that I have produced, both inside and outside of the Fiverr Environment, as a way of showcasing my expertise, skills and profession.

Now I understand and know that directing people to contacting me outside of the Fiverr environment is a BAD move…so my query is not about doing this.

What I want to know, is if I create a ‘support’ website, dedicated to my work here on Fiverr.

When asked for examples, by buyers on Fiverr, I would really like to be able to say, "sure, no problem, check out my Fiverr Portfolio website at: www.________.com"

If I do this, am I going to get into trouble?

With the number of requests I am now getting, constantly emailing document after document, time and time again is starting to be seriously time consuming.

I want a nice, simple, quick and easy way to showcase my abilities, without getting myself into trouble!

Any suggestions, advice, help or solutions that others might have implemented, would be greatly welcome.

All the best.

Angela xx

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