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DON'T post one delivery time and have your gig run another. IRRITATING!


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I see this all the time and it baffles me how these people get any orders, considering that they are lying to the buyer within the first few lines of their gig. This mostly applies to marketing gigs, but not always.

Example: GIG name. " I will give you 1 zillion backlinks in 24 hours. ".

Then, you click on the gig and find it has a 7 day completion time. Why do you need 7 days to complete an order that you write has a 24 hour deadline?

And then, people are still ordering?

Well. Tip for sellers. Don’t do it! You think you’re doing well because you have some orders in que, but the fact is that some of us (Myself) will and do not order. So, you may have 10 orders in que but you could have had 30 if you didn’t lie right from the get-go.

Even more interesting, but not quite as common is when you read negative feedback on the gig that says stuff like: “I waited 7 days until I finally got this done. Bad bad bad” and the buyer responds: " I wasn’t late… It says 7 days right above ". And it does, but the gig says 24. Grrrrr.

Sooner or later sellers, if you do this it’s going to bite you in the ‘FRAGGLEME!’ LOL

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