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Hi there! It's great meeting you all!

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Hi! Welcome to Fiverr! 🙂

Remember that the process of building a small business, especially as an independent entrepreneur, can take some time—and a lot of effort—so keep strong and to it!

I recommend posting a video for all of your Gigs, showcasing your background, previous work, and current capabilities. Also, it is always best to focus on customer support, so reply to your potential buyers and clients as quickly as possible, and in a professional, respectful manner—you never know who may be a repeat buyer! Plus, imagine if you were reaching out to a buyer to ask about their services to see if they were the right seller for your work—you’d want them to be thorough.

Anyways, best of luck! Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about working in the voiceover industry 🙂

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