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I offer to post feedback on buyer's review page if buyer hasn't rated me after delivery

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Hi! I recently got an order completed for a top rated buyer. It was split into two units. I got informal yet positive feedback for my work but after delivering my work , there was no sign of feedback or buyer’s response. I waited but It was marked completed through course of time. Now how to get a badge on your profile that you deserve? It was only then when I thought of this solution, I hope it works. If anyone out there had the same problem and came up with same solution, share your experience.

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I offer to post feedback on buyer’s review page if buyer hasn’t rated me after delivery

That can only happen if the buyer initiates the review process by posting a blind review of their own.

However, since it’s already obvious that your buyer isn’t interested in giving you a review (for whatever reason), what makes you think this approach will make them change their mind?

It is not like the buyers are desperate for reviews. It is the sellers who need them more than the buyers.

Buyers have the option to choose whether or not to post a review. It is not in the seller’s hands. Besides, after order completion, buyers already get intimated by Fiverr (twice) to submit a review. If, however, the seller tries to persuade the buyer into posting a review even after that, it is possible that they will get annoyed; they might end up leaving a negative review or they might just report you (for spam; yes, that’s possible), and you can get a ToS warning for that. So, if I were you, I’d just move on.

I think a good % of buyers submit reviews anyway. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get a review after completion of an order. Sooner or later, you will get well-deserved positive reviews from your buyers.

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